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This year the Lord softly spoke the word “abide” to me. As I begin to mediate and process on this word, in just a short time I realized this small word makes a massive impact. Abiding in Christ isn’t a feeling or a belief. It’s not an occasional visit or once in a while conversation, it has a continual hour by hour nature to it. It means to remain or stay. It’s a constant looking to Jesus through His word and entails far more than one may realize. The depths and riches of the love of Christ that can never be fully comprehended, can only begin to be grasped through our act of abiding.


I believe with my whole heart, God is longing for greater moments of intimacy with each of us. David said it best, “Earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, Lord.” May the Holy Spirit spark in us a want for more of Christ, causing us to avoid complacency, realizing that we can’t stand a moment absent from His presence.


I want to challenge you to lean into Jesus in a greater way. Choose to eliminate distractions and be intentional in your pursuit of Him. The measure you choose to engage with God will be the measure in which you receive from Him. I believe as you engage with Him you will find a love and fulfillment that your heart has never known before.

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Scott Boney
Scott Boney
May 17, 2023

Love this!!

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